Proven Tips to Make You More Persuasive As A Sales Person

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Knowing how to convince someone to see your point can earn you valuable points at your job and at home. Instead of trying to push your point of view, it is better to enroll others in your quest. Persuasiveness is a leadership trait and all the famous leaders have it. Learning how to convince someone

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Effects of Alcohol on Your Skin


We all like a drink now and then and, in moderation, alcohol doesn’t you any harm at all. In fact, many medical professionals say that the occasional glass of red wine is good for your heart. Regular heavy drinking, however, will have a major impact on your health and it can affect how your skin

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Why Being Single For A Long Time Is Good


With so many relationships failing, you might be wondering why on earth you should quit the single life. Although I haven’t got access to any numbers, experience tells me that a relationship has about a 20% chance of succeeding at best. I’ve seen my friends date and break-up more times than I care to remember.

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How to Kiss A Guy Romantically. Proven Tips


A kiss is what starts it all. You may have been exchanging glances or trying to touch each other awkwardly for some time, but the true turning point is always sealing the first kiss. On the other hand, even for couples that have been dating for a while it’s never too late to learn the

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Kissing Tips For Guys


Kissing is definitely an important part of a relationship. It can make the difference between a quick brush off or the beginning of a beautiful connection. Whether you’ve never kissed a girl before or you think you’ve perfected the art of kissing, you may want to hear what women think makes a man a good

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How to Dry Out That Pimple That Won’t Pop


Most if not all teenagers and adults encounter natural skin problems such as acne, smudges, pimples, and zits. Some experience occasional breakouts while some experience recurring problems. A pimple is a skin inflammation that occurs when bacteria infect the fatty oil glands. The skin puffs up and is filled with pus. The primary cause of

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How to Handle Conflict In A Relationship

A sign displays the conflict in relationships.

There are a number of situations in life where we need to know how to handle conflict – in our workplace, at home, among friends, or in public. What you need to diffuse these heated moments is just some common sense and calm attitude, and you can control disastrous situations. People from all backgrounds get

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How to Make A Guy Love You


Eyeing that guy for some time but don’t seem confident to go ahead and tell him? Worry not, as help is at hand. With our tips and tricks, you’ll be able to steal that guy’s heart in a jiffy. Or better still, you may even become so alluring that all the men would make a

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10 Things to Know Before Tying The Knot

tie the knot

Many girls dream of fairy-tale weddings and wedded bliss with the man of their dreams, but many are disappointed when they find out the truth about marriage. We don’t want to put anyone off getting married; being in a happy marriage is wonderful, but there are a few home truths that you should know before

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Drinks and Foods That Cause Yellow Teeth


Teeth can turn yellow for two reasons. The first is that your teeth are covered by a white, protective layer of enamel and, over time, that can be worn down and eroded by acidic foods. That is why elderly people often have yellow teeth. The other reason that your teeth can turn yellow is because

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