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How to Dry Out That Pimple That Won’t Pop



How to Dry Out That Pimple That Won’t Pop

Most if not all teenagers and adults encounter natural skin problems such as acne, smudges, pimples, and zits. Some experience occasional breakouts while some experience recurring problems. A pimple is a skin inflammation that occurs when bacteria infect the fatty oil glands. The skin puffs up and is filled with pus. The primary cause of pimples is excess discharge from oil glands. Here is a guide on how to deal with the pimples that won’t pop.

Do Not Try to Pop It

Do not pop, squeeze, or use a needle to poke a deep pimple. Prodding, squeezing, poking, and interfering with the blemish prolong the healing process. It also makes a pimple bigger and worse. Popping a pimple damages your skin and leads to scars. Do not drain the pimple by yourself.
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